Saturday, April 25, 2009

Celeb-seeking Brit Jules Segal makes headway in quest to meet 500 stars; does public service by letting us know that Jesse Draper is a female

We told you about Jules Segal, the Brit who's in America on a mission to meet 500 celebrities and get them to sign his British flag as part of his US-Say charity project. In our role as instigator and adviser to our fellow journos-- meaning we point you to good stories to feature-- we gave you all the information you needed to get a bang-up great story about a guy who's given himself three months to complete the project (including a book about the "special relationship" between the US and UK), which he's financing by placing bets on his progress with a Brit bookmakers.

Jules has been in Hollywood the past few weeks. He reported yesterday on meeting Brett Easton Ellis and bring us up to date on the quest to meet celebs who were selected through a UK Facebook poll. OJ Simpson was at the top of the list. Fats Domino was 500th. (There are merely 499 people more famous than Fats Domino?)

"Replies are starting to trickle in," he tells us. "But it's somewhat demoralising to learn that the likes of Steve Wynn and Alex Trebek are too busy to meet me even for thirty seconds.

"But at least they got back to me, so that was nice of them."

Notice Jules isn't stalking anyone. With that proper British upbringing, he's asking-- and asking nicely, sending letters, going through channels-- in other words making the task even harder for himself. But he's made some headway.

"Children's TV presenter Jesse Draper met me at Urth Caffe in West Hollywood, although I forgot to bring the all-important flag for the 'flag signing ceremony.'

"The flag wass signed by racing drivers Al Unser Jr. and Bobby Rahal down in Long Beach the other day. I got lost in East Compton on the drive back."

"Meanwhile, Tiger Woods' old coach and all-round golfing guru Butch Harmon promised to meet me in Vegas in a few weeks time, whilst Liza Minnelli had indicated that she will sign the flag when-- or if-- I make it to New York. Bruce Campbell says he'll grant me the few seconds I need if I makes it to Miami and Dennis Rodman and Carl Lewis may also be meeting me in the next week or two over on this coast.

"So a bit of ink at the very least will make it onto the flag.

"I've even received a message from the 'Scheduling Department' of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He suggested that they may be able to shoehorn a brief meeting into Arnie's hectic schedule. I'll believe that one when I see it!"

Do you know any of the 500 from Jules' list (which you can see here)? All they need do to make history and get some good publicity is take 30 seconds to meet the young pommy and and scribble on his flag.

He comes recommended.

As for our media and journo pals: This is a good story. You oughta cover it.

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