Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TV news picks up our tsunami sign terror story

By watching this site, you can see how a Good Story spreads. We began by pointing out the TSUNAMI HAZARD ZONE terror signs that popped up along the Pacific Coast Highway. In the days to follow, at least one website, then a newspaper, picked up the story, and last night the story reached a far wider audience when KTLA news reporter Lu Parker chased down the story for the KTLA Prime News 10 pm broadcast.

Emmy-winning Lu, one of the most respected broadcast journalists in Los Angeles, caught the story online and took it to that next level.

Stay tuned her to see where this good story winds up next!

(FUN FACT: Lu Parker was the 1994 Miss USA, succeeding 1993 Miss USA Kenya Moore, who starred in Cloud 9, the classic 2006 comedy from our pals at Frozen Pictures.)

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